Your child’s educational development is our primary goal. Therefore it is very important to us that children are grouped according to skill level. Admissions are on a rolling basis and we require a screening prior to beginning the admissions process. If you are interested in registering your child please complete the form below.

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At the Ready, Set Play! Social Enrichment Program, we offer morning and afternoon classes, flexible scheduling is also available. The 2.5 hour-social enrichment program will provide a structured environment for children to learn and practice the skills necessary to succeed socially in a group.


Monday – Friday: 9-11:30am* or 1-3:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm (Playgroups Only)


2-5 years of age

Class size:

The teacher ratio size is 8:1:2


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*Note: Morning classes will be available in 2017!

Frequently Asked Questions

As an experienced educator, my students and I have been welcomed to participate in various amazing mainstream programs in New York City. However, it was apparent to me that having additional supports for my students in their placements was not enough to help them make continuous progress in the social/emotional domain that I would like. As a result, my comprehensive experience with children with various learning styles has lead me to develop an effective social skills curriculum for children called, I-LEARN-THROUGH-PLAY!™

How do I know if this program is right for my child?
The Ready, Set, Play! Social Enrichment Program is designed for children ages 2-5 years old. The children entering the program should be “out growing 1:1 supports” and are ready to generalize social and play skills in an educational peer group setting. Since this program is created for children who are working on cooperative play skills with peers, we cannot provide for children who require full 1:1 support in a group setting.
Is Ready, Set, Play! Social Enrichment Program an approved NYC Department of Education Program?
The Ready, Set, Play! Social Enrichment program is a private program and not affiliated with the NYC Department of Education or any organization. Invoice receipts will be provided after the completion of your child’s cycle. We will provide all of the necessary paperwork for families to submit to their insurance company- if they would like to be considered for reimbursement. Reimbursement invoices goes directly to the parents, not the insurance provider.

Note: Some of our clients have been reimbursed for playgroup sessions at Ready, Set, Play! This however varies according to a child’s diagnosis and your plan.

Why do parents select the Ready, Set, Play! Social Enrichment Program?
  • To keep the quality of services high (specializing in the social/emotional domain)
  • Unsatisfied with the quality of services received from other organizations
  • Confidentiality concerns with the educational system
  • Have social/play skills services supervised by an experienced educator, with 15+ years of experience who is well versed in social/play skills home/school programs
  • Use the Ready, Set, Play! Team of professionals to advocate services for children
Who attends the Ready, Set, Play! Enrichment Program?
  • Children who are waiting for a spot to open for an DOE approved integrated preschool class or self-contained program
  • Children who are waiting for EI or CPSE services to be approved
  • Children who are enrolled in a mainstream preschool setting and are using this program as a supplement in addition to all of the services the child is currently receiving
  • Children who did not qualify for a diagnosis and are using this program as a supplement to improve on their social skills/academic development
  • Children use this program as a primary source of private social enrichment program that specializes only in social skills development